It looks like it's your first day on the job at the local museum. I hope you're ready!


WASD: Move your character around the Museum

SPACEBAR: Begin Fixing an art piece. This can only be done if you see an exclamation mark!


Go around the museum and fix art pieces before your boss sees that they've been tampered with! Art Pieces can only be fixed if you see an exclamation mark above them

Complete each art piece's minigame to repair the art piece!

- Clean Smudges off of a painting

- Resetting the limb position of bear statues

- find the correct part of the broken vase

Your boss can't see when he has his clipboard up, so focus your efforts on where you think he's going!

This game was made during a 72-hour game jam by  Cheemis, Gbug, Autumn, LN2, & Reenu. As first-year students, this was Gbug's and Reenu's first game jam and short-term game project!

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